Ghost Top 10


Lineup 1 (1994-mid 1995):

Adam Marsland (guitar, vocals); Rob Cassell (bass, vocals); Kurt Medlin (drums)

4-13-94, Karaoke, Boo! demo tapes, "Disappear"

Lineup 2 (late 1995):

Adam Marsland (guitar, vocals); Rob Cassell (bass, vocals); Paul "Wally" Presson (drums)

"About Jill", "In Absentia," unreleased tracks

Lineup 3 (1996-late 1997):

Adam Marsland (guitar, vocals); Rob Cassell (bass, vocals); James Hazley (drums, vocals)

Keep Yourself Amused, Neverest, "Name Of The Game," "Walk On By"

Lineup 4 (late 1997-mid 1998)

Adam Marsland (guitar, vocals); Robbie Rist (bass, vocals); James Hazley (drums, vocals)

touring only

Lineup 5 (1998-99)

Adam Marsland (guitar, various instruments, vocals); Kurt Medlin (drums); Robert Ramos (bass, guitar, vocals) with Robbie Rist as occasional guest/sub (bass, guitar, vocals)

The Scapegoat Factory, "I Will Fight No More Forever"

Lineup 6 (1999-2003)

Adam Marsland (guitar, keyboards, vocals); Kurt Medlin (drums); Robert Ramos (bass, vocals); Severo Jornacion (guitar, vocals) with Robbie Rist as occasional guest/sub (bass, drums, vocals)

Ludlow 6:18, "Back On My Feet", "I.O.U."

Member Roll:

Adam Marsland (1994-2003)

AdamAdam was the band's frenetic frontman, primary songwriter and lead singer, and guitarist. He also was a tireless promoter of the band and of the L.A. pop scene in the early days, earning him an equal share of respect and ridicule. He also played keyboards (and other instruments on the band's third album The Scapegoat Factory). After Cockeyed Ghost, Adam continued to a long career as a indepedent solo artist, session musician and eventually producer, racking up 8 solo albums, 1,000 sessions, 2,000 gigs and credits on 50 albums. His long string of production credits includes Beach Boy David Marks' 2016 album Back In The Garage. His post-Cockeyed Ghost band, Adam Marsland's Chaos Band, featured Ghost bandmates Kurt Medlin and Severo plus new members Teresa Cowles and legendary soul singer Evie Sands, with whom Adam dueted on many memorable recordings and performances. Now partially retired from music, he currently lives in southeast Asia.

Kurt Medlin (1994-95, 1998-2003)

Kurt MedlinKurt was the band's original and final drummer (and very occasional backing vocalist). He left the band after 18 months of heavy gigging, but returned to the drum chair for good just prior to the recording of the band's third album The Scapegoat Factory. Older than the other members, Kurt's jazz drumming style translated well for punk pop. Kurt continued to play in Adam's post-Cockeyed Ghost band Adam Marsland's Chaos Band, and still does to this day, along with gigs backing Evie Sands, Michael des Barres, Beach Boy Al Jardine, and others. Photo courtesy Steven Adam.

Rob Cassell (1994-97)

Rob Cassell's high, pure tenor vocals and technically precise bass playing were a foundation of the sound of the early Cockeyed Ghost records and shows. He also cowrote the Cockeyed Ghost songs "The Third Wheel" and "Dogs That Say No" and sang lead on the songs "Using You" and "The End Groove," plus co-lead or unison vocals on many other Cockeyed Ghost tracks, notably "Buzz," "Halo Boy", "The Name Of The Game" and his swan song with the band, "Walk On By." Rob left the band in November 1997, marrying the band's self-described "roadie" Maggi, and living happily together to the present day.

James HazleyJames Hazley (1996-98)

James Hazley's imposing physical presence and jaw-dropping, Keith Moon-inspired drumming made him the undisputed star of Cockeyed Ghost's mid-period live shows. He anchored the drum kit for the band's first two albums and many tours before leaving to address personal issues. He went on to a long and varied career as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, including These Grey Men with System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan. James is also a vocalist and he can be heard on the Cockeyed Ghost tracks "At The Bookstore" and "Keep The Sun."

Robert RamosRobert Ramos (1998-2002)

Robert Ramos' cheerful presence, distinctive backing vocals and knack for writing catch bass hooks were key factors to the later Cockeyed Ghost shows and recordings, especially Ludlow 6:18, the band's final album. Robert is also a talented lead guitar player. Robert left the band shortly after the release of Ludlow 6:18 to be with his family (his daughter is featured on the cover of The Scapegoat Factory), leaving such a void that the rest of the band eventually decided to retire the band name and move on. Robert currently works as an aircraft technician in the Inland Empire.

SeveroSevero (1999-2003)

Severo (as he was billed on the Cockeyed Ghost albums) Jornacion was already a fixed presence on the L.A. pop scene as bass player for The Masticators (featuring Lisa Mychols and sometime Ghost Robbie Rist). As a second guitarist, he added key licks, hooks and backing vocals to the band's Ludlow 6:18 album and some key non-album tracks. After Cockeyed Ghost, he remained with Adam and Kurt for awhile as bassist for Adam Marsland's Chaos Band, before going on to join the highly successful power pop band The Smithereens, performing and recording with them for many years to follow.

Robbie Rist (1997-98, 1999, 2002-03)

Robbie RistA longtime friend of the band and a near-legendary musician and actor with a slew of credits in both fields dating back to the early 1970s, Robbie Rist first filled in for Rob Cassell on two day's notice for a gig in 1996, and stepped back in when Rob left the band in November 1997. His distinctive vocals, bass, and guitar work are all over The Scapegoat Factory album, and after he stepped away from the band to make way for Robert Ramos, he continued to substitute for both Ramos and Kurt Medlin (on drums) for various tours and for the band's last smattering of shows after Ramos' depature. He also made cameo appearances on the band's Neverest and Ludlow 6:18 albums. Rist continues to act and perform in and around Los Angeles, and cohosts the popular podcast The Spoon. Photo courtesy Steven Adam.

Paul PressonPaul "Wally" Presson (1995)

Formerly with Wonderboy (Robbie Rist's own band), Paul Presson's tight, heavy-hitting drums and harmony vocals carried the band through the period between Kurt's light fingered, careening punk-jazz style to James Hazley's jaw-dropping, rock pounding spectacle. Presson was no slouch himself and his is the breathless, propulsive drum track that anchors "About Jill," the opening track of Cockeyed Ghost's debut album Keep Yourself Amused. Paul now lives in Tennessee.

Other people that have performed more than once as substitute, auxiliary or temporary members of Cockeyed Ghost include Scott Hessell (later of Gin Blossoms), Marc Reback, John Robert Perry (later of the Chaos Band), Dean "Nadi" MacNeil, and Charlie Zayleskie, as well as well-known sideman friends such as Probyn Gregory of the Brian Wilson Band.